Know Our Racial Justice Roots!


Grassroots Asians Rising is a national network of grassroots organizations rooted in working-class Asian  communities. Our work is rooted in communities that live in the most precarious  margins of power: refugees, low-wage workers, youth, undocumented immigrants, queer and trans people, and low-income tenants. We ground in our membership of local organizations and aim to raise consciousness and alignment in working-class pan-Asian communities towards more progressive values and practices to win material changes for all of our communities.

In 2016, as the growing influence of the right accelerated across the U.S., GAR released the Asian American Racial Justice Toolkit  for organizations to conduct political education in racial justice and solidarity across BIPOC communities with their membership. While the toolkit was the first of its kind designed with an Asian American audience in mind, it is currently available solely in English, which restricts organizations to conducting monolingual trainings or requires them to translate the material with already very limited capacity. When we don’t conduct political education that grounds our communities in a larger systemic understanding, we risk losing our communities to misinformation, apathy, or misguided political agendas.

GAR will be translating curriculum into multiple languages as an intervention by GAR to restore our collective humanity across our differences through a practice of deep democracy with working-class immigrant and refugee Asian communities. Because this type of work isn’t often funded, we are asking for supporters like you to donate to make this endeavor possible. Our goal is to raise $10,000 to cover the cost of translation and the review process.

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